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As I wrote in the post “Ingresso na Web 2.0”, I wish to accept the help of those who wish to help. However, my intent is to make things in a clear, transparent way. That’s why I’m taking all this time.

I have tried to make a text and a scheme, to put everything straight. I’ve been, gingerly, informed that it might be very hard to do it, something like this: “What the hell are you doing? Are you freakin’ out”?

Therefore, here you have my bank account, a Sofia’s and mine joint account, in Caixa de Crédito de Leiria – it’s right here below my apartment.

IBAN – International Bank Account Number:
PT50 5180 0001 00000117801 24

BIC/SWIFT – Bank Identifier Code:

If someone wants to consign the money, you just have to say it in the account transfer description. My priority is the treatment in Manchester but, also, if philanthropists accept, my intent is to use donations either in other treatments, or in my studies or in any other life situation that might need an extra funding caused by any embarrassment of my disease. Especially, I promise not to use donations in beer!

If someone wants me to use his/her contribution only for studies and if, by some reason, I finish or abandon – wich, by the way, I don’t think it will happen! – I’ll give the remaining money to a meritorious project.

I promise to keep everyone updated.

There it goes! Thanks to all!

Information about the treatment in Manchester:

I’ve been told about Neurofibromatosis service in the Central Manchester University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust Saint Mary’s Hospital, by my Genetic’s appointment doctor.

That particular centre is specialized in Neurofibromatosis and applies a protocol for chemotherapeutic treatment with Avastin(R) (bevacizumab), which is not applied in Portugal, for my specific situation. In my situation, this treatment intends to decrease the tumours (schwannomas) that I have in both accoustic nerves or, at least, prevent its growth. It is thought that this won’t have any effect on the other kind of tumours that I have (meningiomas). However, this has an extremely important and urgent character as it is expected to largely improve my audition. Considering my present situation of being blind, this is very, very important.

Through my Genetic’s appointment doctor, who has wrote a report and sent my exams to the Centre, an evaluation of my clinical situation has been initiated by the Manchester Center’s team as they strongly recommend the treatment’s application in my particular situation. I was also told that this treatment might have to be given through my life.

Scientific articles that sustain this treatment:

Most “popular”:

Bevacizumab induces regression of vestibular schwannomas in patients with neurofibromatosis type 2† publication October 20, 2009

Victor-Felix Mautner, Rosa Nguyen, Hannes Kutta, Carsten Fuensterer, Carsten Bokemeyer, Christian Hagel, Reinhard E. Friedrich, and Jens Panse

Department of Maxillofacial Srgery (V.M., R.N., R.E.F.); Department of Otolaryngology (H.K.); Institute of Neuropathology (C.H.); Department of Oncology/Hematology, Cancer Center (J.P., C.B.); University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany; MRI Institute, Hamburg Othmarschen, Germany (C.F.)

Thank you all!

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