Esteve muito perto… Mas parece alcançável!

Dear Joao,
Thank you for your email and sorry to hear that you have faced so much difficulty in ascertaining a suitable language test. I know that your email has reached several people however as it is mainly admissions in nature, I will be best placed to answer this.
Between myself, the programme director and the academic admissions tutors, we are sympathetic to your situation. The window of time between the application and the start date of the programme has just been too tight to secure a language test which could accommodate you. It is part of the mandatory admissions requirement to have a formalised English language qualification for anyone who has not completed an English speaking degree in a majority English language speaking country or has a country of residence and birth where English is the majority spoken language. For this reason, we are not able to offer additional language support to any candidate without a formalised English score as this formal evidence would be required in any admission to the University.
I would wholly encourage you to consider 2016 entry for the programme and allow yourself ample time and opportunity to both complete a secure English language test and arrange to move over to the UK. We will look to have confirmation of the CDT programme structure from October of this year onwards and we will be reviewing deferred applications soon after. I appreciate the effort and lengths you have gone to try and secure this place as of September this year, the situation you have outlined would just mean this is no longer feasible.
Please let me know whether you would still wish to be considered for the next academic entry point in the CDT programme.
Best Regards,
A****** M***** | PGR Admissions Officer| 2.10 Kilburn Building| University of Manchester | Oxford Road| M13 9PL| 0161 275 0699
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